Our Teams


HVV will start the season of 18/19 with four male teams. The teams are loosely divided between certain universities and study programs to ensure swifter integration. However, the players’ preferences as well as the teams’ needs have priority. Three of the male teams will be playing on Sunday’s, 5threserve division whilst the fourth male team will play in the 6threserve division. 

Football Factory Zo2

The Wijnhaven team mostly consists of students from International Studies, bachelor students as well as master students. However, students from all areas of study are welcome. Thanks to the players international backgrounds, all necessary ingredients of a successful team are covered. Including a solid Italian defense, accompanied by Spanish accuracy and German strategy among others. Having already played great previous seasons of 2016/17 and 17/18, this year all experts agree that this season’s title is a must for the lads of Wijnhaven.


Football Factory Zo3

Football Factory 3 is a team composed of students and alumni of Leiden University College. Although an LUC male football team existed before the season 2017/18, this team joined forces in the summer of 2017 with the BA International Studies (BAIS) football team to form HVV Football Factory. All but ending their Haagse rivalry with BAIS, they continue to compete in the yearly derby of The Hague, a must-see for any self-respecting football fan. In the season 2018/19, Football Factory 3 plays in the 5th class of Dutch league football. The players are coached by Tom Freijsen and William Goedbloed.

Football Factory Zo4

Also competing in the 5th division, our third team (HVV Zo4) consists of a mix of students from all the universities located in and around The Hague. Hence, students from Leiden University, Haagse Hogeschool, InHolland and others are all welcome to join! Our team of 21 boasts over 10 different nationalities, much like the clubs competing in the European top flight! Players are coached and captained by Sam Dallow and Mark Voskamp.